Brian Schwab

Mixing and Mastering

Brian Schwab owns and operates a mixing and mastering studio located on the north side of Chicago. The sophisticated environment is a warm and creative workspace equipped with the highest quality outboard equipment and the latest computer technology for music production.

Featured Work

Paul Mutzabaugh's newest group, The Unknown New has just released their third album, not many neighbors. The talented list of musicians include Paul Mutzabaugh, Rich Stitzel, Jon Deitemyer, Chris Siebold, Jim Tashjian and Mike Pinto. 

I was fortunate to work with Alyssa Allgood on her first album, Lady Bird. Alyssa recently placed as a top ten semifinalist in the 2015 Shure Montreux Jazz Voice Competition, where she competed live in Switzerland for a jury presided by jazz legend Al Jarreau


Aaron McEvers large ensemble M13 launches its first album! A mix of jazz, rock and fusion meld well in this magnificently arranged and engaging work. Long format and storied tunes show a vastly talented group of musicians all performing at a very high level. It was a pleasure to not only master this record but to perform in it as well. Come and check out this group perform every 3rd Tuesday of the month at Quenchers, Chicago, IL.

The Humble Organisms blend R&B, rock, and funk with traditional jazz forms to create a powerful and energetic modern Organ Quartet. Their debut album to be released soon! Check them out!

I had the pleasure of working with Marquis Hill on a couple of records, New Gospel and Sounds of the City. His highly melodic solo style along with a polished and smooth trumpet tone won him first place in the 2013 Carmine Caruso International Jazz Trumpet Solo Competition. Check out a few of the records!

Pianist Ben Paterson has a new release on the MAXJAZZ label. Titled Essential Elements, Ben is joined by bassist Josh Ramos and drummer Jon Deitemyer featuring originals, standards and some covers as well. It was a pleasure to master this side, check it out!


Alejandro Urzagaste - Subject to Change - Mixed and Mastered

Alyssa Allgood - Lady Bird - Mixed and Mastered

Andrea Amos - Free of Ugly - Recorded and Mixed

Andrew Distel - Stepping Out Of A Dream - Recorded and Mixed

Angela Frazier - Forever - Mastered

BakerzMillion – Mood Point – Mixed and Mastered

Ben Paterson Trio

  • Essential Elements - Mastered
  • Breathing Space - Recorded and Mixed

Ben Tatar - Food! - Mixed and Mastered

Bobby Broom

  • Song and Dance - Recorded and Mixed
  • Upper West Side Story - Mixed

Bonnie Koloc – Rediscovered - Mastered

Brad Myers & Michael Sharfe - Sanguinaria (Hopeful Songs) - Mastered

Buddy Fambro – Purpose – Mixed

Caroline Davis – Live Work & Play – Mixed and Mastered

Chi-Raq (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Mixed (several tracks)

Chris Siebold – Onsra, I Fall in Love - Mastered

Claudia Hommel – The Jazz Faure Project – Recorded and Mixed

Colby Beserra & Dan Lipton – Jukebox Saloon – Mixed

Compass Church – The Music of Christmas - Mastered

Corbin Andrick - Accidentally on Purpose - Mixed

Dan Bruce - Earthshine - Mixed and Mastered

Dan Cray

  • No One - Recorded and Mixed
  • Over Here Over Heard - Recorded and Mixed
  • Save Us - Recorded and Mixed

Dan Karlsberg - The Adventures of the Dan Karlsberg Group - Mixed

Dan Murphy – Undisclosed Location – Mixed

David Hawkins - Mixed

David Ricard - Holidays with a Bang! - Mastered

Donovan Mixon – We Play When We Play - Mastered

Geof Bradfield

  • Collage – Recorded and Mixed
  • Urban Nomad – Recorded, Mixed and Mastered
  • Birdhoused - Recorded, Mixed and Mastered

Geoff Siebold – One - Mastered

George Freeman - Mike Alleman Organ Quartet - Live at the Green Mill - Mixed and Mastered

Gina Rosanova

  • Into Light - Mixed and Mastered
  • Rejoice - Mixed and Mastered

Good vs. Evil – Majors Junction – Mastered

Great States - Gatsby - Mastered

Greg Duncan - Chicago, Barcelona Connections - Mastered

Ham Council – You need to work on your character flaws – Mastered

Hans Luchs - Time Never Pauses - Mixed and Mastered

HardArt groop

  • Awesome Man - Recorded, Mixed and Mastered
  • Cash Cow - Recorded, Mixed and Mastered
  • Dream of Autumn - Recorded, Mixed and Mastered
  • Dust - Recorded, Mixed and Mastered
  • Holiday Magic - Recorded, Mixed and Mastered
  • Kwyerboi - Recorded, Mixed and Mastered
  • Poecia - Recorded, Mixed and Mastered
  • Touch Monkey - Recorded, Mixed and Mastered
  • The Art of Afliction and the Science of Feeling Groovy - Mastered
  • Chokepoint - Mastered

Human Motion - Human Motion - Recorded, Mixed and Mastered

Humble Organisms - Mixed and Mastered

Information Superhighway – This is Not the Ending – Mastered

James Davis - Angles of Refraction - Recorded and Mixed

Jeannie Tanner - Words & Music - Mastered

Jeremy Bieber - Hope and Possibility - Mastered

John Goldman – Color Therapy – Mastered

Jon Deitemyer Quartet – Collected Shorts – Mastered

Josh Moshier - Joy Not Jaded - Mixed

Joshua Jern – Cook Then Chill – Mastered

Juli Wood

  • Blues for Earma Jean – Mixed
  • Movin and Groovin – Mastered

Juan Pastor - Chinchano - Mixed

Justus - Salvation - Mastered

Katie Ernst - Little Words - Mastered

Kara Kesselring - Hurry Up and Relax - Mastered

Kathy Kelly - Owls Calling - Mastered

Kendall Moore - Focus - Mixed and Mastered

Keri Johnsrud - This Side of Morning - Mastered

Kick the Cat – Scramble – Mixed

Kobie Watkins – Involved - Recorded and Mixed

Kobie Watkins Grouptet - Movement - Mastered

Kosher Curry – Mixed and Mastered

Kyle Asche

  • Blues for Mel - Recorded, Mixed and Mastered
  • The Hook Up - Mixed

La Tira – La Tira – Recorded, Mixed and Mastered

Leslie Beukelman - Here I Am – Mastered

Lesser Lakes Trio - The Good Land - Mastered

Listening Zoo - Mastered

Luke Malewicz - Green Ruins - Mixed and Mastered

M13 – One Human, Too Human – Mastered


  • The Third Set - Mastered
  • Aggressive Hippies - Mixed and Mastered

Mark O’Connor - Suspended Reality - Recorded and Mixed

Marlene Rosenberg – Bassprint - Mixed and Mastered

Marquis Hill

  • New Gospel - Mastered
  • Sounds of the City - Mixed and Mastered
  • Modern Flows EP, Vol. 1 - Mixed and Mastered

Matt Geraghty – Mozaic – Recorded and Mixed

Matt Ulery - In the Ivory Set - Mastered

Merge Quintet - Delays - Mixed and Mastered

Mitch Paliga

  • Blithe Moments - Recorded, Mixed and Mastered
  • Fall Night - Recorded, Mixed and Mastered

Moshier-Lebrun Collective - Mr. H Junior - Mixed

Natalie Myre - Breaking Forward - Mastered

Nia Quintet - End Of Time - Recorded and Mixed

Nicholas Barron - Two of One Mind - Mastered

Outertown – Outertown – Mastered

Parade Rainer - Work - Mastered

Pat Mallinger – Live at the Mill – Mastered

Patricia Carrion – Mujer de Luna – Mixed

Paul Deitrich

  • We Always Get There - Mastered
  • Focus - Mastered

Paul Silbergleit – My New Attitude - Recorded and Mixed

Pocket Radio - Pocket Radio - Mastered

Ray’s Music Exchange – Alivexchange – Recorded and Mixed

Rich Logan – Akoustikirtan - Mastered

Rob Clearfield Quintet – The Long and Short of It – Mastered

Rob Parton Big Band

  • Christmas Time is Here – Mixed and Mastered
  • We’ll Be Together Again - Mastered

Rob Ryndak – A Wonderful Thing – Mastered

Russ Phillips – I’m Glad There is You – Recorded and Mixed

Ryan Shultz – Hair Dryers – Mastered

Scotch Hollow - Little Tortuga - Mastered

Scott Burns – Passages - Recorded and Mixed

Scott Hesse - The Stillness of Motion -  Mixed and Mastered

Scottinho – Batizado – Mixed

Sergio Pires - No Passport Required - Recorded and Mixed

Sharon Irving - Bennett Ave. - Mastered

Sherree Brown – Soul Thirsty – Mastered

Spare Parts – Spare Parts - Mastered

Spin Quartet

  • In Circles - Mixed and Mastered
  • Starting from Zero - Recorded, Mixed and Mastered

Starcandy – Up Close – Mastered

Steve Million - Remembering The Way Home - Mastered

Ted Hogarth – Misconception - Mixed

Teddy Ribbens - When You're Alone (Single) - Mixed and Mastered

Terry Bartolotta - Slow Burn - Mixed and Mastered

The Electet – Shiny Metal Objects – Mastered

The Jigawatt Trio – Scenes - Mixed

The Renegades

  • Doppler Olympics - Mastered
  • Duncannon Shenanigan - Mastered
  • Stuffed Animal Baseball - Mastered

The Unknown New

  • Sunken Garden - Mixed and Mastered
  • Thieves - Mixed and Mastered

Tim Coffman – Crossroads – Recorded and Mixed

Tim McNamara – Earth Sign – Mixed

Tom Garling – Campin Out – Mixed

Tracye Eileen - Why Did I Say Yes? - Mastered

Trio Globo – Matzah to Menorah - Mastered

Under the Street Lamp - PBS Special - Mastered

Urbana 12 – Come to the Table – Mastered

Wes Cichosz – Mass – Recorded and Mixed