Brian Schwab

Mixing and Mastering

Brian Schwab owns and operates a mixing and mastering studio located on the north side of Chicago. The sophisticated environment is a warm and creative workspace equipped with the highest quality outboard equipment and the latest computer technology for music production.


Over the years, Brian Schwab has assembled choice pieces of world-class outboard gear to deliver the warmth and richness that creative music deserves. The goal is to offer the independent music community high-quality mastering to spread the reach of their music and increase their success as an artist.

Communication between the artist, producer and engineer is key in creating an outstanding final product. To this end, Brian begins each session with an in-depth interview discussing the end goal for each project. Whether mixing or mastering, the free flow of ideas and considerations for each task is vital in crafting the finest result.

Brian’s audio career began with his first studio in 1996 while attending the College-Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati, Ohio working towards a degree in jazz and studio music. From humble beginnings with DAT and Tascam machines and a mobile recording truck business, Brian amassed more equipment, microphones and clients all with the goal of exceeding expectations and providing a haven for creative, independent, local artists.

Combining both analog and digital equipment in a creative and accurate listening environment, Brian Schwab delivers superior results for a wide variety of clients and music.